VentureBeat announces strategic and media partnerships for MetaBeat

San Francisco, California Sep 13, 2022 ( – MetaBeat, taking place October 4 in San Francisco, welcomes the most influential strategic and media partners to this in-person event where attendees will hear from some of the most insightful leaders in this rapidly growing and overwhelming complex business space.

The Metaverse Standards Forum, the Into The Metaverse podcast, and the VR/AR Association are joining forces with VentureBeat, the organizer of MetaBeat, to provide attendees with educational and practical business discussions at the event.

The Metaverse Insider, one of the leading providers of market intelligence on the metaverse industry, has also joined to support this event as a strategic media partner.

Other media partners include The Cryptonomist, DX Talks, VRScout, and UToday.

The ‘metaverse’ discussion is a hot topic across multiple industries, from Web 3.0 to AR, with many businesses working to understand what it is and if it’s an area they need to focus on to ensure their businesses thrive.

Several leading speakers will include a discussion about why technical standards are needed with Neil Trevett, Chair of the Metaverse Standards Forum and President of Khronos Group, and Rev Lebaredian, VP of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at NVIDIA, along with Javier Bello Ruiz, CEO & Co-founder of IMVERSE.

President of the VR AR Associations’s San Francisco chapter, Everett Wallace, alongside Mortiz Baier-Lentz, founding member of the Metaverse Initiative of the World Economic Forum, and Elizabeth Haas Edersheim, Sr. Advisor to the Dean of the School of Professional Development at NYU, will discuss why the open conversation between the tech community and policymakers is critical to building a more friendly and functional metaverse.

Within MetaBeat’s demo zone, attendees will find a multitude of leading-edge companies with useful metaverse tools for today’s business landscape, complimented by a series of ongoing live interviews with thought leaders by Yonatan Raz-Frideman, Founder & CEO of Super social, and the host of the Into The Metaverse Podcast.

Click here to register for a complimentary pass and get access to thought leaders, including Atlas Earth, T-Mobile, Soul Machines, Solsten, TerraZero, Orbit, LandVault, IMVERSE, NVIDIA,, Surreal, Peer, Freeverse, and more. The growing speaker line-up includes:

Sneha Narahalli, VP Head of Product (Digital, Data, and MarTech), Sephora

Desiree Gosby, VP Emerging Technology, Walmart Global Tech

Ioana Matei, Immersive Technologies Leader, Procter & Gamble

Candice Beck, Director, Social & Influencer of Chipotle

Jay Lee, CEO, NaverZ

Emily Jones, Partner, Data Privacy & Technology Law Specialist, Simmons & Simmons

Matthew Kanterman, Director of Research, Ball Metaverse Research Partners

1,500 metaverse decision makers from enterprise companies are set to arrive in NorCal this October. Don’t miss your chance to connect with them this Fall. Register for a complimentary pass here

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