Nashville Hot Asphalt Repair | Commercial Parking Lot Sealcoating Launched

With their recently updated cost-effective infrared asphalt repairs, Gaddes Strategic’s team of experts can quickly patch a pothole with minimal disruption.

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The company’s updated services also include sealcoating or pavement sealing finishes, which can protect the asphalt in high-traffic and high-footfall areas, such as school parking lots, to further reduce the risks of accidents and injuries.

With an estimated 55 million potholes in the US, costing over $1.5 billion in damage to drivers, damaged asphalt is a nightmare for all road users. Furthermore, repairing potholes is a complex task, requiring specialized equipment and expertise to provide long-lasting and professional results.

Gaddes Strategic is helping commercial property owners reduce accidents and improve their property’s curb appeal with hot asphalt patching services in Nashville.

The asphalt repair company understands the impact and disruption that having work done on public area paving can cause to a client’s business. To help alleviate this, the company expedites its services in order to reduce the time and costs of the work.

Gaddes Strategic’s hot asphalt patching services provide a longer-term solution to cold asphalt repairs, which only slows the damage being done to the paving rather than eliminating the causes. Also, as a temporary solution, cold asphalt repairs often result in higher costs in the future. More details on the differences between hot and cold asphalt patching can be found here

Having worked in asphalt, concrete, and dump trucking for over 60 years, the team at Gaddes Strategic has the industry insight and knowledge needed to patch potholes with high-quality finishes and smooth pavements. The company also provides repairs that pass HOA codes and are ADA-compliant for relevant properties.

The company’s services are available to customers in and around the Nashville area, including Melrose, Oak Hill, Bellevue, Antioch, Brentwood, Whites Creek, Goodlettsville, Forest Hills, Green Hills, Davidson County, Murfreesboro, and Rutherford County.

A spokesperson for Gaddes Strategic said, “Our mission is to help you diagnose and properly scope repairs needed for your asphalt surfaces.”

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