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The immigration consulting company, the world’s largest immigration and visa firm, has expanded its advisory services to meet the needs of individuals who are seeking to either extend their temporary visas or secure permanent residency – PR – in Australia. The country’s demand for qualified immigrants grows every year, and there are thousands of job opportunities available for skilled professionals.

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Y-Axis Immigration and Education now provides additional counselling based on the Australian government’s July 2022 announcement of changes made to three categories: temporary skill shortage visas, temporary graduate visas, and working holiday maker visas – all of which had been curbed by the Covid-19 crisis. Furthermore, the country’s Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles has recently vowed swifter processing of more visas in an effort to increase immigration levels – a challenge Y-Axis is uniquely suited for, as application numbers are expected to surge.

Australia is one of the most popular immigration destinations worldwide – in part because its demographics and low population density make the country an ideal fit for both the host and any aspiring resident. Australia’s strong economy, robust social welfare net, low crime rate, and wealth of job opportunities make it an especially attractive destination. Additionally, a multi-ethnic and diverse immigrant population already thrives in Australia, so newcomers can feel welcome.

With Registered Australia Migration Agents part of their team, Y-Axis Immigration can give candidates personalized attention to help them identify and complete the programs that best match their circumstances. For working professionals, the most suitable visas will typically be subclasses 189 and 190 – the most sought-after visas in Australia. The most in-demand professions range from engineers and software programmers to healthcare professionals and electricians.

As Australia’s immigration process is highly technical and procedural, it is critically important to perform all the steps correctly and complete/submit the required paperwork in time to ensure the highest chance of success. Y-Axis Immigration’s agents and counsellors can help candidates chart their Australia PR process from the first step through to permanent residency.

One client commented: “I had a delightful experience with Y-Axis Australian visa team. They guided me at every step and gave regular updates to help me throughout the entire process. My process was quick and smooth. Happily, I received my visa, and my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Y-Axis team for their good work and support.”

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