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Following the impact of the pandemic, e-commerce and online purchasing has grown dramatically. The latest move from Bay Area Digital Payments Agency empowers businesses to get instant payments quickly and easily.

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Businesses that fail to offer online or mobile payments are likely to miss out on sales. In a drive to help retailers expand the ways their customers purchase their products, Bay Area Digital Payments Agency simplifies the process of credit card processing, mobile payments, and online payments. The new service expansion adds convenience for customers and builds trust.

One of the challenges facing smaller business owners is that managing networks and adapting to the fast pace of growth is difficult. By using Bay Area Digital Payments Agency’s services, Manteca merchants and business owners can extend their reach with a wider range of payment options.

These include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and customers using Fitbit. Most major banks support contactless payments, and catering for these provides customers with a smoother experience both online and in person.

For business owners in any field, it’s important to offer modern payment solutions. Studies show that within the next five years, 53% of global point of sale transactions will be contactless.

As such, Bay Area Digital Payments Agency offers flexible and varied payment plans based on the volume required by the business.

In addition to this, clients are offered cutting-edge virtual terminal solutions. This turns their computer into a credit card terminal, which allows them to bill customers quicker over the phone, online, by email, or in person.

Business owners wanting to find out more about the options available to them are encouraged to get in touch. The team can help them to set up recurring payments, expand their options to meet more customer needs, and grow their business.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “Contactless payments are pretty much what they sound like–a way of paying for goods or services without physically needing to swipe your card in a machine or pass it to another person. If you’ve ever seen a passerby tap their phone at a checkout counter to pay for their latte, you’ve witnessed the technology in action.”

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