Prezentar review reveals Huge Discount for new Prezentar users

A Prezentar review from internet marketer Jonny Rose has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of the new Prezentar App software launched by Adeel Chowdry in 2022 – and how new customers can make a massive saving. To learn more about Prezentar and get the discount, read the Prezentable review.

Prezentar is the brainchild of the internet entrepreneur Adeel Chowdry, whose historic successes include the digital ebook creator, Sqribble, and Pixal Studio.

Prezentar describes itself as a “Microsoft PowerPoint alternative” and is poised to become a serious contender in the billion dollar presentation software category that includes solutions such as Google Slides, Prezi and Microsoft Powerpoint.

Rose explained:

“Prezentar really is one of the easiest and coolest presentation softwares that I’ve ever come across. It’s no wonder that there is so much excitement online amongst entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for a PowerPoint alternative or a Prezi alternative”

“Many of these presentation tools are prohibitively expensive for people who want something quick and easy to create presentations – that’s why I’m so happy to have discovered how Prezentar customers can get a massive discount and save money with Prezentar.”

Prezentar works in three steps:

Pick A Template: Choose from 50 ready–made templates, that include 500 content slides across a huge variety of niches for your next campaign. All hand created by our top professional designers! Preview the template and click to get started.

Customize It: Change backgrounds, add animations, magical effects, logos, images, edit text, new sections, new slides, objects, record audio, edit audio, and so much more right inside the software in just a few clicks!

Download & Share: Multiple export options allow you to save as HTML, PDF or VIDEO, ready to show the world. Instantly share on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn in seconds.

“Overall I am very impressed with Adeel’s Prezentar software,” says Rose. “It offers a huge range of features and gives the user the ability to produce state-of-the-art presentations in a matter of minutes. Although it has weaknesses that I discuss in my review, I am happy to recommend Prezentation to my audience, as I feel it provides the most profitable presentation building technology on the market today.”

The Prezentable review is also available on Youtube:

A complete list of Prezentar’s features are available at the official Prezentar website.


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