Pre-K Home Literacy Education/Reading Comprehension Program For Children Launch

The new courses focus on storytelling and reading comprehension above all else, with a major emphasis placed on family bonding and visual engagement. The content of the courses is carefully engineered to retain the child’s attention in a natural and fun way, all while enforcing reading and writing skills through interactivity.

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This newly created program has been launched to round out the Family Learning Company’s line of products, all of which strictly adhere to educational best practices. Their materials are very useful for children just learning to read or as supplemental resources to traditional education or tutoring.

Studies show that creating a solid foundation of reading and writing skills can lead to better educational outcomes down the line, and in the short term can directly foster better listening and comprehension skills. At the very least, a household that teaches the importance of reading is more likely to raise more curious children who will have a greater interest in reading in a formal educational setting.

The resources that the Family Learning Company has created is designed to not only teach reading skills but also decoding and phonemic awareness. Across nearly 10,000 activities, children will become aware of the nuances of language, and when it comes time for them to go to school, they will already have a strong foundation for learning. For more on this, visit

Using their linguistic expertise, the company also produces learning material for the entire family, no matter what age they may be. This range extends even into adulthood, with multi-generational content for ESL speakers with impaired literacy.

The Family Learning Company’s system also includes mathematical education and other subjects, which builds on the software’s educational foundations to round out the home education experience. Through goal-setting, incentivization, and progress reports, the software can make learning easy and fun for the whole family.

Jon Bower, the CEO and creator of The Family Learning Company, is an accomplished educator and software designer with an extensive background in the creation of learning models. His dedication to family education has led him to a multi-decade mission to build a toolkit that anyone can use to learn alone or with their family.

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