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The recently launched service by MSK Doctors provides patients with access to a variety of sports injury treatment options, including bracing, therapeutic injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, lipogems, ultrasound scans, and dynamic knee assessments. The therapy service does not require general anaesthetic or an inpatient hospital stay.

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The latest muscle and ligament injury regeneration treatment performed at the clinic is overseen by a team of consultants from MSK Doctors. The Keep Clinic employs innovative methods of treatment for musculoskeletal disorders that have been shown to deliver successful results in patients’ functional improvement and pain management.

Tendon and ligament injuries make up 30% of musculoskeletal consultations on a global scale, with four million fresh cases occurring each year. If not treated adequately, such injuries can have a significant impact on body movement and potentially result in complications. The MSK specialists at The Keep Clinic treat these and other muscle conditions effectively, while also maintaining patients’ general musculoskeletal health.

Each therapy at the clinic is preceded by a consultation, either virtual or in-person, that includes ultrasound screening, clinical examination, and sports biomechanics assessment to determine the nature of the patient’s problem. Based on the outcome of the initial consultation, the doctors at the clinic come up with a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan for the patient.

No referral needed, the clinic welcomes both self-paying patients and those with private medical insurance from most providers and offers affordable pricing options to suit any budget. Its well-trained staff is experienced in rehabilitation medicine, sports surgery, and orthopaedic surgery. Aside from non-invasive treatments performed on-site, the clinic’s orthopaedic doctors are available for surgery at other locations if the situation warrants it.

About The Keep Clinic

The Keep Clinic is a musculoskeletal specialist practice founded in 2021 by a team of consultants experienced in the management of bone, joint, and muscle conditions. The Lincolnshire-based clinic works with a multidisciplinary group of rehabilitation specialists to provide patients with bespoke recovery plans. This ‘Good’ rate CQC inspected clinic is part of MSK Doctors which enjoy the expertises and connection to their clinics in Harley Street, London.

A spokesperson for the clinic said: “To improve the efficiency of our evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, we are constantly adopting digital and biological technology. Patients can benefit from individualized and accurate treatment strategies tailored to their specific requirements.”

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