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London, United Kingdom Sep 21, 2021 ( – BIT PLAM LTD, the operator of the investment platform, is a fund management company registered in London UK in 2021. It was created as a result of the merger of several very talented traders who have achieved above-average results over the last few years, mainly in the cryptocurrency markets, forex and traditional financial instruments.

Before founding the company, the team led by Ben Simpson for many months carried out not only simulations but also real investments, which allowed for the development of investment plans for future users of the platform. offers a great guaranteed passive income in two investment plans: LITE, which gives 4% per day on the 30 days investment plan, and PLUS, where investors can be sure as much as 5% of the net profit per day for 40 days. Additionally, the principal is fully returned upon completion of the plan.

This makes the calculation really impressive and worthy of the best day traders.
LITE plan – 120% of net profit in 30 days (220% ROI),
PLUS plan – 200% of net profit in 40 days (300% ROI).
Each user, if they feel the need, may also resign from the investment plan before its completion and withdraw their capital paying a progressive fee from 15% to 25% (depending on the moment of releasing the deposit). is undoubtedly one of the best deals for short term investments, with amazing daily returns from completely passive income. The platform does not require any knowledge of the market, financial instruments or balancing on cryptocurrency rates from the user. It all comes down to making a deposit, entrusting funds to specialists from BIT PLAM LTD and withdrawing the money earned.

As for deposits, it is possible to choose up to 15 payment methods in which we can make deposits and receive withdrawals. these are for USD payments: PerfectMoney and ePayCore,
and 13 supported cryptocurrencies:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, Stellar, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Dash with floating rate cryptocurrencies or stablecoins:
USDT ERC20 (Ethereum Network ), USDT TRX20 (Tron Network) and USDT BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain).
It is certain that everyone will find a suitable currency and investment portfolio here. also has a very attractive Referral Program, where each registered user receives a referral link that can be shared among family, friends or completely random people. The referral system includes 3 remuneration lines under the user account.
For deposits made by direct referrals, the platform rewards a commission of 5%, for referrals in the second line 2%, and in the third line 1%.
The commission is immediately added to the user’s account and available for withdrawal. Commissions are awarded without any limits as to the number of referrals and amounts. Most importantly, in order to earn from the referral program from the user, his own deposit is not required.
It is possible to earn without any financial contribution.

The analysis of BIT PLAM LTD shows that it is a platform managed by competent people, who are familiar with financial transactions on a large scale and are familiar with large money turnover. As you can see, they are doing great with thousands of satisfied users, which can be seen through the active community on social media and on the official Telegram group of the project.

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