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Natural Smile Eastmed Dental is conveniently located in the EastMed Integrated Medical Centre, 188 Saint Heliers Bay Road, St Heliers, Auckland NZ 1071 and serves Mission Bay, Glendowie, Kohimarama, Orakei, Meadowbank and St Johns. More information can be found about Dental Crowns And Ceramic Restorations here

The Dental Filling Vs The Inlay. In theory, these two can often be used interchangeably, but inlays are typically reserved for much larger cavities. They both involve removing the existing cavity with a drill and filling that empty space, but how that space is filled is where they primarily differ. With a filling, an amalgam or composite material is used to fill the space, and it’s a much quicker process, involving only a single visit.

Onlays Vs Dental Crowns. These are your more major single-tooth restorations, reserved for larger areas of decay where a filling or inlay won’t work due to the amount of tooth structure that must be removed. The primary distinction between an onlay and an inlay is that an onlay will cover a cusp of the tooth, whereas an inlay only fills the area between the cusps. The cavity is still drilled from the tooth, and an onlay is fabricated to the exact size and shape of the space. Conversely, a crown will cover the entire biting surface of the tooth, as well as the tooth structure above the gum line.

Dr Dave Richards opened Natural Smile EastMed Dental in 2017. All general dentist and cosmetic dentistry treatments like exams, check-ups, cleanings and xrays. More dental veneers info can be found here

The practice now has 107 Google reviews with a near perfect score.

One patient review reads ‘I must admit that after the terror and pain of going through the dental clinic era during the 1950’s where drills were treadle belt driven by the nurse who tore away half the tooth and there was no water cooling, no local anesthetic but were massive amalgam fillings ,who could blame me for being hesitant of ever going to a dentist again. Even now the smell of burning meths sends me into a cold clammy sweat. But after a number of years of neglect, broken fillings etc, I was forced to front up to my very founded fears and find a dentist.’

They have now added Invisalign orthodontics for teeth straightening with clear aligners and invisible braces to their services as well as seen here

Natural Smile Eastmed Dental
Natural Smile Eastmed Dental

188 Saint Heliers Bay Road

St Heliers
New Zealand

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