South Austin Property Management – Rental Property Maintenance Service Expands

The company, founded and led by its namesake, Monte Davis, has expanded its services in response to the growing post-pandemic demand for more comprehensive property management services throughout the local area.

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Monte Davis PM’s expanded property management coverage includes rental marketing, a thorough 12-point tenant screening process, collections and evictions, and maintenance services. Moreover, the company now offers what it refers to as “Property Awareness,” a holistic approach that improves tenant retention rates, and streamlines and optimizes relationships with vendors.

North America’s property management services value is estimated to be approximately $5 billion, while the market demand in Austin is particularly high. The city has led the U.S. in population growth every year for almost a decade, while the metro area alone has ballooned by approximately 20%. Furthermore, renter-occupied households account for more than 60% of all inhabited housing units in the Austin metro region.

Property Awareness also informs Monte David PM’s extraordinary efforts to ensure property integrity, by doing multiple inspections, using photo and video documentation, and then posting all relevant information online – to which the owner has 24/7 access. In addition, the company deliberately limits the number of third-party vendors they partner with to maintain quality control and to better monitor how the property is performing as an asset.

For the same reason, all property maintenance needs are attended to immediately. Not only does this mitigate property degradation, but it also improves retention rates, as “poor maintenance service” is the most common reason tenants give for moving. While Monte Davis PM considers properties as investments to be protected, the company is also very attentive to tenants’ well-being. This balanced and mindful approach results in 99.5% of tenants paying rent each month.

Monte Davis has been in the real estate business for more than 40 years and is the driving force behind a small team of seasoned and well-trained agents who specialize in buying, selling, and leasing residential homes and investment properties in the Greater Austin area. The company assists both property owners looking to maximize their investment returns, and prospective renters searching for quality, well-managed living arrangements.

One reviewer commented: “I’ve worked with a number of other companies and Monte and his team are truly the best. Their professionalism, work ethic and level of service exceeded our expectations.”

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