Celeste Voyage &Trade |nc. Whole Brazilian Black Peppercorns Released

The new peppercorns are optimal for use in peppercorn grinders, which are also available from Celeste Voyage & Trade Inc. Sizing options include small grinder refill packs, or a value pack which includes 500 grams of premium peppercorns.

Canadian customers can visit https://amzn.to/3EUI4ia to learn more.

With this release, Celeste Voyage and Trade Inc. expands their selection into new territory while continuing their commitment to quality. The products sold by Celeste Voyage and Trade Inc. are vetted for quality, and the peppercorns are no exception.

Peppercorns are a product with a long history, and consequently are a varied and diverse topic. Their medicinal and culinary benefits have been utilized for thousands of years, and while they are native to southeast Asia, cultivars are grown in tropical and subtropical regions around the globe.

The particular variety available from Celeste Voyage and Trade Inc. is the black Brazilian peppercorn, known for its intense but manageable bite and depth of flavor. Their distinct taste makes them a prized and valued alternative to the standard ground black pepper that one may find at the local supermarket.

Unlike the pre-ground alternative, the peppercorns are said to maintain their sharp qualities while not lingering unpleasantly on the palate.

Celeste Voyage and Trade Inc. is offering these peppercorns in two sizes. The 250-gram option is optimal for household use and for the casual chef. The resealable package ensures that the peppercorns will stay fresh between refills.

Their larger, 500-gram value pack is a good option for more serious culinary enthusiasts, and includes a high-quality solid wood peppermill for a discounted price. This option includes two 250-gram resealable pouches. The 500-gram option is available at https://amzn.to/2YvzOpm

A satisfied customer reviewed the product and had this to say: “The product arrived on time. The peppercorns grind easily in the grinder. It tastes and smells amazing. Best black pepper I have tried so far. Great value for the price.”

About Celeste Voyage and Trade Inc.

The Canadian company has been providing their customers with a wide variety of quality mercantile products. The family-owned business serves customers in their native country and beyond, always committed to service.

US-based customers should visit https://amzn.to/3od5FUu to learn more.

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