Arrowciser Holding A Free Online Webinar On Exercise and Body Technology

Arrowciser is an exercise tool used by an Arrowciser. Let’s unpack this statement. The first Arrowciser term means an exercise instrument or tool made from airplane aluminum and steel. Today, the Arrowciser comes in two options. One is solid bar and the other is in two pieces. People do have their preferences. The difference is in the adjustability features. Next is the operator known as the Arrowciser. The Arrowciser can perform a number of barbell type routines targeting major muscle groups in the body. In particular the sequence of Thought-Brain-Chemicals-Body are known as the body technology relationship. There is more conversation on body technology during the webinar.

Arrowciser will be holding a free webinar online on 8:00 am November 28 called Arrowcising. This webinar will reveal the opportunity of exercise and body technology. Exercise is essential. Perhaps more so today than ever because of the “isolation” measures taken to avoid the many type of potential illness. The first webinar is an opportunity event to dig deep into the WHY of exercise. Rather than reading about it join us online to discuss the reasons why baby boomers must exercise to enjoy their human form.

Guy Dumas will be leading the presentation and says this webinar is a chance for people to hear about the exercise tool and how to use it. Why exercise? Exercise lengthens telomeres. Telomeres are the cap like feature on each side of the chromosome protecting it from further deterioration. When people have long telomeres they tend to look much younger than their chronological age.

People interested in an innovative contemporary exercise program can register free at

About Arrowciser

The Arrowciser was founded in 2010 and serves the exercised baby boom generation (Exercise habits) about the emerging Exercise industry. People in their 50’s and older, who are online entrepreneurs, and with still plenty of life steam to go around, may really appreciate this exercise innovation. Its private. Scheduling is never an issue. Arrowcising habits encourages telomeres. In fact, people who can’t go to the gym or can’t stand the idea of being in a gym may like the Arrowciser because it touches every major muscle group in the body. An Arrowciser can carry out 30 to 60 different routines. The Arrowciser is also an excellent companion with or without other exercise activities.

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