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Boston, MA – In the state of Massachusetts, driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge that can lead to devastating consequences, hefty fines, and even jail time. Resolving DUI cases requires an experienced attorney who is well versed with the law to advocate for the rights of the accused. Toland Law, LLC, focuses on DUI law to help clients get back to living full lives uninhibited.

Paul J. Toland, Esq., is an active practicing attorney and the founder of Toland Law, LLC. He has decades of legal experience under his belt, representing clients with criminal charges, DUI claims, and immigration cases. As a previous Assistant District Attorney for the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office, he’s knowledgeable about the court system, and the tactics attorneys use in their pursuit of justice. Not only does Mr. Toland use the skills, resources, and networks for each case, but he also strives to learn more regarding the trends in the industry to improve his craft and client care tactics. The goal is to offer holistic services, no matter the severity of the case.

Individuals charged with DUI face a multitude of penalties depending on the number of prior offenses, the blood alcohol content (BAC) level, and the extent of the damages they have caused. Toland Law, LLC represents first-time offenders facing DUI charges added to their criminal record, driver’s license suspension, prison time of up to 2.5years, or fines. Mr. Toland also represents clients who have had previous DUI charges and face more jail time, fines, and fewer driving privileges.

Other than the legal consequences, an individual accused of DUI can have additional damage including, high insurance premiums, job loss, and a permanent criminal record that would be accessible in the future when they need to buy a house, rent a car, or apply for jobs. The Boston DUI Lawyer steps in to help clients fight these charges to keep their driving privileges intact. Mr. Toland does this by challenging every piece of evidence and crafting a personalized defense strategy to resolve the legal issues.

Paul J. Toland also values educating and empowering his clients on issues of the law. He does this by writing insightful articles on the penalties for a first offense DUI in Boston, violation of probation, record expunction, OUI for prescription drugs, and more. Check out the Toland Law, LLC Avvo Profile to learn more about the firm.

To schedule a free case evaluation with Toland Law, LLC, call (781) 819-3647. Or visit Mr. Toland at 236 Commercial St #100, Boston, MA, 02109, US. For any inquiries about the DUI services, visit his website.

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