David Engelman’s book, “Live Smart, Be Happy”, now an Amazon Best Seller

David Engelman’s new book, “Live Smart, Be Happy: 20 Simple Concepts for an Easier, Happier Life” is now an Amazon Best Seller. His book features 23 simple concepts that will reduce your stress and increase your happiness. Interested readers can purchase his book at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09HSHLT65.

In “Live Smart. Be Happy: 20 Simple Concepts for an Easier, Happier Life” David shares secrets gleaned from leading a top financial services company for 18 years. However, his new book isn’t about just money- it’s about creating a life of happiness and success.

“My company’s goal is to make people’s lives easier and less stressful,” David says. “Live Smart. Be Happy.” is an extension of that, showing people not just how to improve their financial wellbeing, but their overall wellbeing.”

The 20 concepts in “Live Smart. Be Happy” span spending, saving, and debt, and also includes motivation, life goal attainment, vision and belief, and more – concepts that David has learned are essential to creating a happy, successful life.

David founded SMART Payment Plan in 2003 to offer the most reliable, hassle-free, and flexible bill payment service in the country. They pride themselves as innovative, customer-centered, and focused on making things simple and easy.

Since then, his firm has helped thousands of customers across the U.S. lower their bills, pay off loans faster and improve their cash flow. With its combination of the most advanced processing systems, the best people, and a relentless focus on customer service, SMART Payment Plan is the top firm of its kind in the U.S.

“They should call this the EASY plan because it makes my life a lot easier,” a SMART Payment Plan’s client said. “Paying my bills and making it between paydays is so much easier with lower bill payments that happen automatically when I get paid.”

SMART Payment Plans simplify budgeting and arrange bill pay schedules that meet the financial needs of its clients. It’s “Set It and Forget It” process helps clients stay on track while also improving their cash flow. As more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, the need for SMART Payment Plans is steadily growing.

David graduated with honors from SLU School of Law. Prior to founding SMART Payment Plan, he established American Legal Funds, a finance company serving attorneys and their clients.

“Live Smart. Be Happy.” is about much more than personal finance,” David said. “It’s about how to create an easier, happier life.”

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Since 2003, SMART Payment Plan has helped clients achieve lower and easier payments for loans and bills, pay off loans faster and make their financial lives easier.

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