Christian Espinosa, accomplished entrepreneur on a mission to boost your career growth through people skills

Christian Espinosa, founder and CEO of cybersecurity company, Alpine Security with his years of experience has established himself as an industry leader and mentor for technically minded people to get to the next level in their career. A journey filled with hard work, trials and errors has led him to develop a growth mindset and an attitude of taking ownership of one’s own success and failure. Realizing the importance of interpersonal skills, Christian has written his book “The Smartest Person in the Room”, to help highly technical people’s poor people skills.

He realized that all the technical skills in the world don’t matter if you can’t collaborate or communicate effectively. His experience showed that people with high IQ but low EQ, lack communication skills and can’t express themselves properly. To disrupt the status quo and truly be an agent of change, these are essential skills, and the solution is provided via the Secure Methodology, mentioned in his book. Like all his programs including courses, speaking and coaching, the methodology is based on successful practical work and not on theory.

The training programs offered by him help developskills required to play at the highest organizational levels. “Understand your niche and the unique value you offer. Be extremely clear on what problem you solve for a client that they need solving. Focus efforts on messaging and marketing first – before you develop anything,” said Christian while advising young entrepreneurs.

Christian is as accomplished in his academics as in his professional career. He holds a BS in General Engineering and an MBA in Computer and Information Management, with many certifications including CISSP, CHPC, CCISO, etc. He has 6 patents to his name and received outstanding reviews for his bestselling book “The Smartest Person in the Room”. He plans to scale up his programs and establish his brand, Christian Espinosa, to be the go-to place for technical people who want to improve their leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence.