Soft Couch Cup Holder TV Caddy – Portable Snack/Drink Tray Cushion Launched

The innovative couch caddy product is announced with the intention of helping users to reduce the risk of causing a mess with their food and drinks while they relax on the sofa. It comes in the form of a soft cushion cup holder, designed to stand firmly in place without tipping over.

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The newly released cup holder serves as a multipurpose entertainment solution for anyone who likes to spend their leisure time with drinks and snacks close at hand. Made from a cozy and comfortable material, the item also provides users with a handy pillow to lay on after their snacks have been consumed.

While most people currently tend to keep their beverages and food on side tables or their own laps when sitting on the couch, a convenient alternative is now available. By storing their snacks and cups hands-free inside the new holder product, users can save themselves the need to precariously balance bowls on their legs or reach over to grab drinks from faraway tables.

Suitable for housewarming, birthday, and holiday gifts alike, the new couch caddy cup holder is produced as a novelty item for all ages. The manufacturer makes it available in multiple colors, and due to its lightweight, portable build, it can easily be taken on outdoor trips to the beach or park. Customers have also described the Lazy Sofa as suited for usage in vehicles or on beds.

The versatile product is manufactured with suitably-sized insertion slots for most bottles, tumbler cups, and drink cans. It further features a larger pocket in which users can store bowls of chips, peanuts, and other bite-sized snacks. As such, Keep It Simple Products recommends the couch caddy as an ideal accessory for watching movies or TV at home.

“No more worries about spilled drinks and snacks on the sofa,” says a company spokesperson. “Using this couch caddy will keep your food and beverages close while preventing stains from spillages. Place on any couch cushion, floor, or surface to keep your soda can, glass, and nibbles securely in place.”

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