Singer – Amit M is back with a bang starring Niharika Tariq!!!

Amit M (Born in Bangalore) a young dynamic music composer, playback singer who has sizzled the music world with his mesmerising Voice and caring down to earth attitude.  His music is a perfect bland of youthful with its soul from yester years. His approach as a musician is young dynamic and charming. ”

Without Music Life would be a Mistake” this is a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche Amit M follows every day. A day not spend in music is a day wasted for him. Due to this attitude, he is being looked at by various renowned music companies in the B’town.

The music industry in today’s era is flooded with young ardent and their immense talent is surely appreciable. Amit M a singer who is going to win a millions of hearts with his upcoming Zindagi Tu on 1st November 2021. He is all set to release his single soon which is directed by director Tariq Bhat beautifully which is so starring the very beautiful actress ‘Niharika Tariq’

Amit M says ‘this song is a song on Life, a song on Love and a song that you’ll Live with, Zindagi tu. Written by Amit M himself, the song has changed his life. Trailer for Zindagi Tu is out now on his YouTube channel.