Neurotechnology Recovery with VoxxLife: The Keith Mason and Riona Kelly Story

Retired rugby player turned personal trainer Keith Mason and Riona Kelly are famous for their strength in the face of hardship, and for their inspirational love and support for one another. The two met following a stroke Riona suffered in 2015. Keith helped her to overcome a bleak prognosis: that she would likely never walk again following complications from the stroke. Over the course of Riona’s recovery, the two have used physiotherapy and rigorous training regimens to help. Now, they have a new tool in their arsenal that’s making a difference in both of their lives: non-invasive neurotechnology in their socks.

The technology, called Human Performance Technology(TM) or HPT, is designed by VoxxLife, a Canadian company that innovates natural wellness solutions to help users improve their pain management, mobility, stability, and energy. The technology is delivered through patches, socks, and insoles; when worn, they deliver physical benefits without needing drugs or electricity to do so.

“The difference is unbelievable,” Keith says. “Riona wears the socks daily, as they have helped her so much in her recovery.” He goes on to explain that, for Riona, “walking without the socks she really struggles,” but when she wears them, her walking is “amazing, her feet are in line and symmetrical.”

Keith Mason and Riona Kelly discovered VoxxLife when the company expanded into the United Kingdom in 2019. Since then, they’ve each incorporated HPT into their daily routines.

“Wearing the socks, just for everyday life and running and hiking… I feel great,” Keith says. “Any pain in my back or soreness throughout my body just disappears. The socks are life-changing.”

VoxxLife was founded based on a similar story: Jay Dhaliwal, the company’s founder and CEO, spent years researching effective, non-invasive treatments to find a solution for his mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and was in severe pain and discomfort. By 2016, he had discovered the basis for Human Performance Technology(TM): a unique pattern which activates a specific sequence of receptors beneath the skin. The signals these receptors generate are received by the brainstem and interpreted in a way that naturally reduces pain, improves mobility, and increases energy for the wearer.

As Keith and Riona continue to support one another, they both say they are grateful for the influence of VoxxLife’s HPT(TM) in their daily lives. The idea that a pair of socks, without electricity or chemicals inside, can make such a huge difference for a stroke survivor might seem unbelievable to some, but Keith has no doubt as to the influence they’ve had for the people he cares about, saying that “VoxxLife socks have changed all my family’s lives for the better,” and plans to continue using them throughout Riona’s continued road to recovery.

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