Amaze PXM – For Easy Integration with Amazon and 40+ Other Leading Platforms

With an increasing number of businesses turning to online channels for sales, the need for swift integration with these channels is more now than ever before. As an enabler of digital growth, Amaze PXM powers businesses with fast and easy integration capabilities with Amazon and 40+ other leading eCommerce platforms and distribution channels like Grainger, Fastenal, eBay, Walmart. 

The past decade has brought about an unparalleled surge in online sales, but one can’t say it’s come as a surprise. However, this surge has also brought to the fore the need for efficient data exchange between internal and external channels and systems. The growth in opportunities has also led to a growth in challenges; the most pertinent one being, how do businesses streamline integration with online platforms and stay ahead of the race.

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Especially in the case of platforms such as Amazon, where the digital shelf is enormous, and the competition is stiff, the quality and speed of integration can make all the difference.

As an enabler of digital growth, Amaze PXM ensures that Amazon integration is fast, easy, and sustainable. The platform enables integration with, not just Amazon, but 40+ other online platforms and distribution channels. Amaze PXM is industry’s first product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM) and product data syndication platform on the cloud. A single platform to create and centralize your product content, validate and automate item onboarding, and syndicate the product content across all priority channels. In partnership with technology partners, such as OroCommerce – a leading integration platform for distributors, manufacturers, brands and wholesalers – Amaze PXM get the benefit of end-to-end digital commerce solutions, enabling businesses to expand into new channels and markets.

Here’s why Amaze PXM is an absolute gamechanger for businesses, no matter what their integration requirements.

Amaze PXM enables businesses to build for the future

While many other software solutions offer integration with Amazon and other online platforms, the process of getting this integration going is far too complicated and ridden with room for error. These tools are often complex and hard for teams to work with. Amaze PXM, on the other hand, goes a long way in cutting the clutter. The solution offers a simple interface and streamlined processes enabling businesses to make the most of these opportunities.

Create great product experience with Amaze PXM and grow your eCommerce business!

The main benefits of Amaze PXM’s integration capabilities include:

  • Higher quality data: With streamlined processes across departments, Amaze PXM’s integration solutions ensure that product data is accurate and free from duplication
  • Accelerated time-to-market: By leveraging automation and smarter processes, Amaze PXM ensures faster time-to-market on Amazon and other platforms
  • Operational efficiency: The solution ensures the elimination of interdepartmental silos and duplication of efforts, hence increasing operational efficiency
  • Realtime updates: Automation also ensures that any update made to product data reflects in real time across systems, leading to better inventory management and customer experience
  • Enhanced customer experience: All of the above benefits put together ensure an improvement in customer experience across online platforms and distribution channels

Whether its Amazon or any other online channel, Amaze PXM ensures that your business has the edge. The solution drives transformation from the inside-out, improving team efficiency, processes and outcomes to ensure success in the omnichannel digital ecosystem.

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Blue Meteor Inc. headquartered in Chicago, US. is a SaaS company pioneering in creating eCommerce software and technology solutions. Blue Meteor’s primary focus is on transforming B2B and B2C companies by establishing an efficient and effective eCommerce strategy built on the bedrock of product experience.

Developed by Blue Meteor, Amaze PXM is industry’s first intelligence powered native cloud software that gives businesses end-to-end control of their product data, catalog creation, experience design, digital asset management and data syndication. Amaze PXM is a culmination of Blue Meteor’s two decades of experience in the product content industry gained by working with world’s leading Fortune 500 companies to create best-in-class product content and customer experiences.  With 3 global offices in US, UK and India, Blue Meteor’s mission is to enable merchants and brands to sell more by delivering best-in-class online Product Experience.

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