NTSFinancial: Take Your Crypto to the Next Level


 Auburn, IN, 24 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE

Our Vision

NTSFinancial was created on the idea the financial freedom should be something easy for everyone to achieve. Many countries still do not have central control. We can bridge that gap by providing financial Institutions that will provide the resources to grow to empower their lives. Some of those countries include Andorra, ISLE of Man, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Monaco, Nauru, Palau. With our unique financial ecosystem, we can provide those countries with a means of financial freedom. Give people a place they can trust to store the money that works for them rather than against them.  Alongside the countless countries unbanked there are billions of people worldwide without access to financial institutions. This makes it hard to apply for credit, loans, get a mortgage. NTSFinancial wants to make it easy to access your money and take control of your life.

Our Ecosystem

 The Exchange


We are working to create a financial ecosystem that works like a traditional banking system but is powered by blockchain. Unlike traditional banking systems, we will be open 24/7 and have branches worldwide. The core of our financial system will feature an online exchange that offers cryptocurrency trading, online banking, stocks, shopping, nft trading, and much more coming soon. 

 Easy Finance Token (EFT)


The token currently is in process of swapping from Newstokens and will take place on 10/29/2021.


Contract Address- 0x2Eb198AB1A678f3A67f55219E8b408c9B713E825

bscscan- https://www.bscscan.com/token/0x2Eb198AB1A678f3A67f55219E8b408c9B713E825

Total Supply- 100,000

Circulating supply- 53781.7529

Transaction Tax: 1%

BuyBack: 1%

Holder Rewards-1%

Listed Exchanges

Pancakeswap- https://pancakeswap.finance/swap

Bololex- swap coming 10/29/2021

NTSfinancial.co- https://ntsfinancial.co/market/EFT-USDT –  https://ntsfinancial.co/market/BNB-EFT – https://ntsfinancial.co/market/BTC-EFT


The exchange will feature the unique bep-20 token that will make it easy to access all our financial services. You will be able to easily deposit fiat of your choice and gain access to the token. Easy finance token is much more than a speculative asset, we offer real-world use cases that will create true growth in the network. Here is a list of use-cases we offer:

 Vip Memberships

1. Listing Fee- Stake 200 Easy Finance Token in account to get project listed on the exchange.

2. We will launch a full-fledge community-funded mining operation to mine BTC and eth.

A. The mining service will serve as liquidity for the exchange and trading EFT tokens.

B. It will help as a way to earn higher interest rate for users on exchange and bank account.

C. We will take mined eth and BTC and re-invest into other projects and or hold long term.

3. Pay for advertising on the exchange.

A. Add 100 EFT tokens to your business account monthly to gain access to advertising.

Sub Companies

  1. NTSGaming
  2. NTSShopping

Contact Details:

Legal Name– NTSFinancial Corporation

CEO- Joe Zurawski – Twitter–  Telegram

Address– 346 North Grandstaff Drive, Auburn, IN, 46706 – 1600, USA

Website: https://ntsfinancial.co/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NTSFinancial

Telegram: https://t.me/NTSFinancial

Media Contact

Company Name:-NTSFinancial Corporation

Email:-[email protected]

Company Website:-https://ntsfinancial.co/

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