For Assembly Line Workers, Clinically-Proven Carpal Tunnel Relief Is Here

Ever since the assembly line took US manufacturing by storm, reducing the time needed to build a car from 12 plus hours to a paltry hour and a half, manufacturing and assembly line workers have been the backbone of certain industries. Whether it’s assembling computer hardware, sewing garments, baking bread, or welding parts, these people work tirelessly, completing the same motions and movements thousands of times per day. This can lead to the numbness, tingling, and pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, a debilitating condition that is common in assembly line and manufacturing jobs. Unfortunately it often means time off work, sometimes unpaid, and surgery is often not an option for one reason or another.

But doctor-recommended Carpal AID helps workers stay productive (and pain-free), and if it’s not already stocked in the first aid kit, it should be. It’s a win for everyone on the team, from those who work on the line to management. When people feel appreciated, and physically well, they are primed for success.

Assembly line workers everywhere are discovering how Carpal AID offers real and immediate pain relief with just a simple piece of plastic.

Just wash and dry the hands, remove the backing from the medical-grade adhesive, and place it directly on the palm of the affected hand or arm. That’s it! Hand and wrist braces are cumbersome, unsightly, and sometimes they aren’t even an option. If any action is needed that requires much precision or dexterity, another solution must be found.

That’s where Carpal AID comes in. Not only can it be used with gloves, but it does not restrict hand motions, so it’s a great option.

It’s also drug-free. Assembly line and manufacturing work often require a clear head and a solid attention span, and one single Carpal AID patch makes that possible for up to 8 hours. When every movement counts, being able to find relief from the numbness, tingling, and pain of carpal tunnel syndrome while still getting your hours in, is a life saver.

“Carpal AID is delighted to bring an affordable solution that really works, for those manufacturing workers who struggle with the debilitating effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery is not always the answer, and with Carpal AID on their side, they can get back to work confidently.” – Ilan Nouvahian, Executive Vice President, Carpal AID

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