5 Fast growing Travel Tech Startups in 2021

The world is moving fast, and so the passion for tourism and explore different cities is. Over the past 5 years, the concept of traveling has been increased rapidly. This is the perfect time when business and travel agencies came into action. Especially new travel tech startups are one of those travel agencies which are promoting traveling in unique and different ways.

In the following year, 2021, travel tech startups played a vital role in promoting travel and tourism by assisting people and helping them through their fresh plans. No doubt, 2021 was a tough year to survive. Most of the startups and new agencies faced severe economical downturn and suffered long lasting financial crisis. 

However, there are 5 travel tech startups that fought with the pandemic deprivation and are still ready to serve their customers. These travel tech startups are not only making trips and vacations comfortable but also bringing new travel services in the market. For this reason, we think they deserve an appreciate post. 

– Cozycozy

Cozycozy is the leading travel tech startup having holiday accommodations from all over the world. This travel tech site has the biggest search engine to compare the rental prices of hotels to Spanish Finca. On top of that, you can use their service totally for free. They don’t have any subscription or plan. All you need is to tell them the place where you want your vacations and BOOM! They’ll show you hundreds of rental options to select, which also includes all the taxes and other expenses. Isn’t it great? Book your reservation through cozyzozy now! 

– Airalo

Airalo introduces the most unique feature in travel services. This startup enables its customers to use an eSIM while traveling to different cities. This solves the issue on network connection and data packages efficiently. Airalo has local and regional eSIM data packs at local rates for instant connectivity.

You can have local, regional and even global eSIMS to make sure if you are connected while traveling. All the eSIMS are registered and allowed. If you are planning to travel abroad, must conside Airalo’s services to stay connected with cheap data plans.

– Blablacar

Now you can travel from Amsterdam to Paris and Paris to Barcelona by trusted travel buses and cars. Blablacar has a pick and drops services at the lowest rates. You can book your ride through their app and ride all over the cities similar to Uber at budget-friendly rates. Their services are 24/7 available. Above all, Blablacar is a trustworthy carpool and bus service. Happy Traveling!

– Welcome Travels

If you have a good taste in tourism, you must want to travel to India and explore the sub-continent. Welcome travels is an Indian-based travel tech startup that is helping international travelers to travel in India. The firm is not only a travel agency but also it also provides adventure and exciting activities while traveling. 

If you’re interested in wildlife, you can explore jungles with welcome travels. If you are a walking and trekking person, they have this service too. In a nutshell, welcome travels has every service present that helps you to enjoy in India more and discover the subcontinent.

– Troop

Troop is a lifesaver travel tech startup, especially for business and global meetings. Troop helps you and your team to arrange a meeting easily. You can handle your time, schedule, expenses, and even places. Troop can also help you find and select a place by accommodations. You can also have a detailed report of the place you selected which shows its budget, reviews and much more. 


A vacation or holiday becomes more enjoyable when you have everything sorted and arranged. These 5 fast-growing travel tech startups in 2021 are working on this aim, to make you travel freely. If you’re going on a vacation, we would like you to avail their services definitely!

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