MoneyPort® | The real next-gen smart wallet

Schwelm, Germany, 2021 – Networking using a business card is one of the most crucial parts of conducting business. It is often the first exposure to the overall image of one’s business. However the information on it can easily become irrelevant and these changes cannot be easily made through paper business-cards. Digital business-cards are, on the other hand, extremely flexible and always up-to-date.

MoneyPort® is a compact durable and lightweight wallet that has the very important function of digital vCard. Besides being able to store up to 12 cards and keep wrinkle-free cash, it offers you the chance to always carry exactly the right business card at the right time. Its NFC technology enables your individual business card to be configured and activated through your mobile phone. It only ever sends the data that you selected, and puts this data in the address book of your contact.

The MoneyPort® automatically activates a free online-account to manage your data. The digital vCard is compatible with any NFC-enabled cell phone. All your data is secured according to the strict DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation) laws in Germany and cannot be made available to anyone without your consent.

The MoneyPort® wallet is100% made in Germany, and its production takes place in-house using high-quality materials. The body of the MoneyPort® is made of aluminum and the plates are made of stainless steel. The wallet is completely resistant to all weather conditions, including corrosion by seawater. It has additionally been anodized for protection against mechanical influences. The MoneyPort® wallet is very light and comes in three variants: the “Flower”, with plates that have been etched with a flower motif and chemically darkened; the “Camouflage”, which has an etched and ground surface with a camouflage design; and the “Mirror”, which has been ground several times, mirror polished and then titanium nitride coated to gives it a special finish and looks sometimes like a mirror and sometimes like a black surface. All MoneyPort® wallets come with a certificate of authenticity.

Ironmill is a small company from Germany, and in order to providethe highest quality and eco-friendliness, all of their suppliers are located within in the immediate vicinity. They have been manufacturing high end consumer products for many years and would like to expand their business with your help. Through their Kickstarter, you can support Ironmill and get amazing (super) early bird discounts on your own MoneyPort® wallet. You can check it out here: