Solana Beach CA Migraine/Headache Relief – Chiropractic Natural Healing Updated

Dr. Fattie introduces her strengthened suite of holistic services for patients suffering from chronic migraines and headaches. The renowned chiropractor specializes in correcting any dysfunctions along the spine, neck, or skull that may be causing the pain.

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The updated packages include the latest research in chiropractic care to make each session more effective while reducing any potential pain during the process. Despite chiropractic care being almost painless, those with a low tolerance for pain can experience discomfort during the session that may prevent them from completing their entire therapy program.

Several studies have shown that regular and consistent chiropractic sessions can lessen migraine and headache symptoms after a few months. Doctors explain that these conditions can be caused by a structural problem along with the head and neck that causes frequent pain.

The goal of chiropractic care is to gently manipulate the neck to release tension and reestablish balance. Nevertheless, unlike other centers, Dr. Fattie’s techniques do not include cracking, popping, or twisting the neck, which may cause further damage if done incorrectly.

Instead, Dr. Fattie uses only medically proven chiropractic techniques that improve quality of life after a few months. She says that due to its nature, chiropractic care is a safer alternative to invasive surgery and provides relief after regular sessions.

She is constantly educating herself on the latest studies to ensure high-quality patient care. With her strengthened services, Dr. Fattie is confident that patients can find the relief they are seeking at a more affordable price and with minimal pain.

The chiropractor also offers services for carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, pregnancy pain, and injury prevention for athletes.

She encourages new clients to schedule appointments online.

A satisfied client wrote, “Dr. Fattie gave an excellent and thorough assessment which stands her apart from other chiropractors. From the first visit, I can already tell that she’s into long-term health, not just a quick crack. Her fun and engaging attitude is exactly what I was looking for in a DC.”

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