Mississippi publication revolves around ‘everything but politics’

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Pascagoula, Mississippi Oct 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – One news site in Mississippi is making a name for itself as a publication that covers everything but politics.

Our Mississippi Home, which is based out of Jackson County, was created in January 2019 as an outlet for those seeking to avoid bad news.

“All you have to do is google ‘Mississippi news,’ and much more bad stuff than good stuff comes up. That’s really with anywhere,” owner and publisher Jamey Foster explained. “It shouldn’t be like that. Therefore, Our Mississippi Home is designed to be a good news catalyst. We don’t chase ambulances, police cars, or politics. We chase a positive voice.”

Set up similarly to how the HuffPost was in its early days, Our Mississippi Home has its on-staff contributors but also offers a self-submission option allowing any person or business to submit their articles, pictures, or videos. Once submitted, they go through a 48-hour turnover process and will either be accepted and published or declined.

Current contributors include renowned food columnist Julian Brunt, who was once featured on Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back; former Mississippi Press columnists Richard Lucas and Nancy Jo Maples; longtime radio host and nutritionist Rebecca Turner; entertainment reporter John Dolan, formerly of Ocean7 TV; naturalist and wetland ecologist Mark W. LaSalle; educator and author Meredith Biesinger; and managing editor J.T. Mitchell.

“We have a bunch of great contributors, who help perfect the conglomerate that is Our Mississippi Home,” Mitchell said. “That’s how I view Our Mississippi Home. I view it as a conglomerate of positive news, entertainment, sports, and business–really everything but politics. As long as it stays within those boundaries, we’re golden.”

According to Foster, Our Mississippi Home solidified its true niche with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our numbers really started to grow during COVID, because we were not only providing the Mississippi community with information on supply drives, but more importantly, we were showcasing positive news during a time that nobody else was,” Foster said.

And with the pandemic finally flirting with an end, Our Mississippi Home has been able to take advantage of the state opening up fully.

“On top of the good news mantra that has been kept consistent since Jamey started this thing, I’d say Our Mississippi Home has done a more than fine job of directing people to what they can do now that the outside world is available again,” Mitchell said.

Our Mississippi Home consists of nine sections–community, local events, entertainment, environment, arts/culture, food/dining, sports, living, and lagniappe (business, education, health and wellness, people, nightlife, and quizzes)–and can be found at ourmshome.com.


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