Zane Wylie Skulls For Television Production In Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol

Previously featured on TV series such as “Constantine,” “Lock and Key,” “Ghost Rider,” and “Preacher,” Wylie has become highly sought after in the world of television production. His latest pieces include a Skull Bowl, a Templar Knight Skull, and a Masonic – Skull Stand.

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Wylie’s latest announcement is intended to spread awareness of his unique products and customized TV props. The custom as-seen-on-TV skull replicas are also available for private collectors.

Wylie has long been drawn to the rich history and symbolism of skulls. He began by carving on animal skulls and experimenting with different styles, until a customer suggested he try carving on a real human skull. After carving his first one, working on authentic human skulls became an obsession.

His products also include accessories such as skull stands, domes for skulls, coins featuring engravings of skulls, and customized T-shirts. One of these coins, featuring an engraving of the skull of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, has become official currency in the African country of Cameroon. The engraving represents one of Wylie’s carved skulls, which contains a relic of actual bone fragments from St. Gonzaga and 2 ancient crosses.

Because the selling and transporting of human remains is controversial, Wylie’s materials must be source-proofed. Despite the controversy, Wylie sees his craft as an enhancement of Nature’s works of art and a contribution to the tradition of memento mori, or remembrance of death.

Over the years, Wylie’s work has drawn the attention of movie and television producers in need of authentic props. The most recent TV production to features Wylie’s crafts is the Peacock original series “The Lost Symbol.” The show is a prequel to the famous films based on the novels by Dan Brown – “The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels and Demons,” and “Inferno.”

A satisfied customer has said: “Zane’s work makes a perfect heirloom. A beautiful and professionally crafted work of art that I proudly display in my home. The detail on the hilt is beyond description.”

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