Narayana Health’s YouTube Channel is a Goldmine for Information Seekers

Video is a much better medium to communicate than text or image. With videos, we can share our thoughts, ideas, and information pretty easily within a few minutes. The doctors of Narayana Health know the same and have a YouTube channel, where they constantly upload videos for patient education. For the patients suffering from various ailments, getting the information they deserve about the ailments, diseases, and conditions is important. Well, the doctors have been helping the patients with the same. In September, the doctors have shared many videos about numerous diseases, their causes, and the available treatment options for the same.

Dr. Avi Shah, Pediatric Orthopaedics Consultant, shared information about Foot and Ankle Injuries in children, their treatment options, and recovery time. As pediatric injuries are common, knowing in detail about the issue was a bit like an eye-opener. On World Leukemia Day, Dr. Ruchira Misra and Dr. Purna Kurkure, Consultant – Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Department, talked about blood cancer, the way it affects children, and the available treatment options.

Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital in Delhi NCR has been attracting patients with Medical Tourism. Patients from other countries are getting personalized healthcare services in Oncology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Neurology, and many others. The latest video discusses the many services that foreign patients can get at the hospital.

An 81-year old patient having breathlessness and nose bleeding was found to have cancer regions in the lung. Dr. Saurabha Kumar, Head of the Radiation Oncology department, shared the case study of treating the patient successfully at the hospital. Cancer is dangerous and often requires surgery. Dr. Shilpi Sharma, Consultant at Head and Neck Surgery, talked about the various surgeries performed at the Surgical Oncology department.

Dr. Rajni Sharma shared her views and knowledge on Preventive Cardiology, which is nothing but the tips to prevent any cardiac issues with medications, diet, and exercise. Not just Preventive Cardiology, but Dr. Debabrata Nandi, Consultant – Cardiologist, shared the patient’s success story, in which the doctor treated the patient for an Atrial Septal Defect.

The doctors of Narayana Health are following the vows of serving the patients. The doctors are not letting any chance go by to help the patients in any way possible. In short, the YouTube channel is a goldmine for those who want medical knowledge about several ailments to stay prepared.

About Narayana Health

Narayana Health is the chain of Superspeciality and Multispeciality hospitals providing medical services to patients worldwide. With the YouTube Channel, doctors have been educating people about various diseases and medical conditions.