Successful business is not a problem! biography of a business woman Juliana Mernes from Russia

Juliana Mernes is an online business expert who has appeared in several magazines including Business Insider, StarLife, ELLE and others. She helps entrepreneurs create targeted, manageable and profitable online businesses so that they can experience personal and financial freedom.

Serial entrepreneur, advisor, chief strategist, founder of Digibox. tech, author, speaker, investor and consultant.

Juliana Mernes is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who helps others start and expand online businesses. Juliana is an expert in using social networks for business. She is the founder of several successful dropshipping stores based on the Shopify platform in the USA. She is also a certified expert in marketing solutions in Facebook Business Manager and an expert in digital marketing in Google.

An incredibly purposeful girl of model appearance, she holds MBA degree in digital marketing from Stamford International University. She is also the founder of online community “Beauties in business”. This Project, according to Juliana, is created for girls who needs to get motivation and inspiration in starting their own business and improving themselves. Juliana is also an influencer of several American organizations! In her spare time, she is engaged in charitable activities for children from the provinces of Southeast Asia.

Juliana Mernes was born in February 16, 1994 in Irkutsk city in an average family and had an ordinary life, like many others. At the age of 18 she had left her native land and moved to Southeast Asia for permanent residence. Since her youth she had a strong entrepreneurial mindset and she had increased her net worth from $ 0 to $ 32,000 in 3 months by using Amazon FBA and Shopify platforms.

After various entrepreneurial pursuits that didn’t quite work out she entered the world of e-commerce.

Mernes says “I am an e-commerce entrepreneur who has been creating brands and selling products online on Amazon FBA and Shopify since 2017.”

In 2018, Juliana founded Digibox Limited marketing agency in Hong Kong.

DIGIBOX is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides its services worldwide. Digibox’s services include digital marketing consulting and management services, which include website design and development, UX / UI design, search engine optimization( SEO), PPC management, social media marketing, email marketing strategies, branding services, conversion rate optimization ( CRO), Amazon Marketing services, video production and much more.

Since 2019, Juliana has started her path as an investor in the world of blockchain. Juliana’s success in the world of blockchain has brought her a good start-up capital for the development of further projects. Juliana also was a speaker in some Cryptocurrency events and conferences.

With the help of e-commerce and crypto investments Juliana Mernes has increased her net worth and now living the life she has always dreamed of. With the help of these platforms she gained financial freedom and secured a bright future for herself.

Mernes is very proud of her achievements and is always looking for a way to help others to build and achieve their dreams. She uses YouTube to easily connect with those who are interested in becoming part of financial freedom and achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.