Mauro Sessa is leading the Italian music scene as an entrepreneur

Mauro Sessa aka “mau-se”,

born on November 15, 1990 in Perugia, he is known to all with his partner Alessandro Raimo for their Label: AR.MS. Empire.

What is their key to helping artists?

The key is the goal, to be as specific as possible. Many musicians are reluctant to answer these questions, as they think that their art must be absolutely “for everyone” and in this way they narrow their target market more.

Sessa remembers that the target market is only people.

It is on these people that musical marketing efforts must be concentrated!

For example: a composer of music for children will certainly be oriented towards children, but especially towards families, single parents and grandparents. Who accompanies that boy or girl to listen to your performance? This is a question you need to focus on. And on the answer you learn to observe all the variables in the most precise and specific way possible.

He currently lives in Salerno and has supported strategies for artists such as Capo Plaza.

But not only that, Mauro Sessa from Salerno is known throughout Italy, remember that he also manages another artist known as Peppe Soks and many others.

We know one thing for sure, how fundamental it is to play the role of mediator between the artist and the AR.MS Empire; he will have to help his musician find places to play; he will have to be able to manage finances; support the artist during concerts. He will also be responsible for the merchandising and the author’s image right; he will study a marketing plan for and with the artist, the physical and online advertising campaign, clothing, in short, currently doing this work in Italy are few and among the prominent names there is precisely that of Mauro Sessa.