Gravity Theory and Control: Beyond Newton and Einstein

A new book by Lucian Ionescu is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter that stands to turn everything that you ever taught about gravity on its head. Whilst most people know the mainstream conceptualization involving it being a fundamental force, as put forward by Einstein and Newton, this ground-breaking work posits that it is actually a weak residual force, and that gravity control is possible. It holds that gravitational energy is akin to temperature, and that it can be cooled off, which holds boundless possibilities for new forms of transportation. Given the environmental imperative for finding cleaner ways of getting from A to B and the fact that transport currently accounts for a substantial proportion of the world’s pollution, this is something that has the potential to bring about immense social good.

Ionescu aims to work with a team of elite scientists and collaborators to bring this book to the masses. The finished work will consist of a synthesis of his own paper on the subject, entitled “Quantum Gravity: An Essay Paper”, and various other recent theoretical works that shed additional light upon the phenomenon of gravity, most notably Frederic Alzofon’s theory of gravity control, which Ionescu has built upon. Other prominent figures that Ionescu seeks to involve in the project include the CEO of physics research company Hathaway Research International George Hathaway, quantum physics expert David Prutchi, and Frederic’s relatives Daniel and David Alzofon, the former being an experimental physicist and specialist in Antigravity via Nuclear Orientation (AGNUE) and the latter being the author of Gravity Control with Present Technology. It represents the coming together of various different great minds to update and revolutionize the public’s view of gravity and the potential for exerting control over it.

Ionescu hopes that this book will act as a catalyst for a growth in gravity research, and that this will perhaps lead to new discoveries throughout the years to come. Such discoveries have the potential to propel us into a brand-new epoch. Those who back the Kickstarter campaign will be awarded a signed copy of the book and also help to push forward recent theories on gravity that challenge the current dominant views about the subject. It constitutes a chance to help the science of the future take shape and stands to be one of the most important books of the decade. You can check out the Kickstarter page here: