Ggmg Remo Releases Part Two Of Goat Ishh September 30th,His Second Full Length Album This Year

Goat ish Part 2 Toxic Love Cover

Ggmg Remo’s First R&B Release

Clearwater, Florida Sep 17, 2021 ( – Ggmg Remo announces his return bringing a new soulful sound to fans with the release of his second full-length album this year. Goat ishh 2: Toxic Love it’s the second volume of a three-part series and is a follow-up to the highly successful Goat ishh 1: Up Next. The album is set to be released on September 30th, 2021.

Remo recorded most of this album at his studio in Florida with engineer Another Hood Classic at the helm, with a few songs recorded with Mr Mix and Master in Miami at the House of Hits. Ggmg Remo works with many new producers, as well as known Hitmakers in the industry on this Album.

Goat ishh 2: Toxic Love
is composed of 9 tracks that take you in and out of toxic situations and relationships with Ggmg Remo singing and rapping over these ever so soulful beats. Throughout the album, songs like “Up and Down” and the ambient “IOU’s ,” have an explicit ballad with a driving force reminiscent of a passionate new relationship and the excitement that comes with those moments of love.

Since Ok Ok 3, Ggmg Remo’s First album, his aggressive raspy metaphors remain present, yet matured with a more refined mainstream feel to it.

This album will be Ggmg Remo’s first R&B release and adds more dimension to his catalog with more singing and melodies, unlike his typical rap style.

“Truly, we didn’t expect the whole album to turn out so well, especially having in mind that Remo is a rapper, not a known singer. We have been recording hip hop for 4 years, so R&B was a newfound love, as toxic as it may be. Goat ish 2 Toxic Love is a soul-filled, catchy collection of reminders that love, adversity, and unity can co-exist in our modern world but sometimes comes with some heartache and pain along the way” says Another Hood Classic.

The new songs are inspired by real-life drama including many failed relationships and toxic situations along the way. Each song varies in tone, but they all circle back to one universal theme.
This album also gives you a glimpse into his future project with the bonus track “Pop my Ishh” giving listeners a rugged street anthem with the style Remo has become known for.

David J Finck, Ggmg’s Remo’s manager and sometimes producer from Another Hood Classic Productions, has high hopes for the success of this album. He says, “The album is a new adventure putting his own twist on R&B. Listeners will find it perfect for the bedroom as well as riding around chilling.”

Like many before him, G.g.m.g Remo Comes from Florida, a hot spot for talent in recent years. While he’s often labeled with some form of the word ‘energetic'(some even comparing him to the late and great Dmx), Remo’s new style collides at a juncture of hip hop meets R&B with a hint of soul. There’s something about Ggmg Remo that is indescribably different, and with his newest project has discovered what most musicians spend lifetimes working for — the place where feel-good music meets vital social commentary.

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