Top Chicago Consultant Launches Unique Program For Small Business Acceleration

Distinguished business strategy specialist, entrepreneur, business consultant, and author Darlene Ziebell is launching a new business acceleration program specifically designed to help small businesses foster sustainable growth and success.

The business accelerator program helps small companies and businesses excel by offering the tools and resources needed to succeed. In addition, the program provides companies with the nourishment, guidance, support, connections, and knowledge required to grow. Businesses that take advantage of this unique consulting program are typically under seven figures in revenue and need a comprehensive plan to take them to the next level.

Companies begin the program by preparing a showcase of the state of their business today, along with what their goals and pain points are. The business accelerator program provides attendees with a direction that drives them towards their business goals in the future. Clients are then able to leverage expert insight and thorough strategies to advance and grow their business.

“This business acceleration program is different from other types of consulting and coaching programs since it has a very specific focus and fixed price,” noted Ziebell. “This helps smaller businesses utilize expert guidance without racking up exorbitant consulting fees, and it’s specifically targeted to companies earning under seven figures, so it’s more economical than utilizing other consultants out there who typically charge by the hour.”

Companies can choose from four main focuses for their acceleration program depending on their specific needs. These programs include a marketing strategy review, operational analysis, an exit strategy, or an entire strategic evaluation. The evaluation is a more holistic option for companies that need comprehensive guidance and insight, whereas the other three focuses are more specialized.

“Once the company has completed the program, they receive a plan of what they need to do from today going forward,” said Ziebell. “They will receive a detailed outline of what steps they need to implement, exactly how they need to implement them, and the projected cost to do so. It’s a roadmap of steps that is highly specific to the company’s unique goals.”

The business acceleration program is essentially a fast-track program for small businesses to succeed, and each program has a fixed price with concrete takeaways to accelerate the business. It typically takes about three weeks to complete the program, depending on a client’s schedule. Still, the specific timeline depends on the complexity of the organization and the overall infrastructure of operations. Clients typically receive The final success plan in less than a month.

Ziebel’s consulting packages allow smaller businesses to operate like large-scale global organizations. As a result, companies can take advantage of non-biased critiques, suggestions, and support that elevate the company to the next level. Ziebell will focus on each client’s individual structure of operations throughout the accelerator program because no two companies function perfectly alike.

With custom-tailored solutions, strategies, and plans to fulfill goals, small businesses can quickly put their business on the road to success. This unique consulting program guides companies in achieving, managing, and advancing a sustainable and successful business.

To take part in the business accelerator program, please visit the business acceleration page of Ziebell’s website.

About Darlene Ziebell

Darlene Ziebell is a prominent entrepreneur, author, and business consultant who helps business owners navigate and succeed in the world of business. Her recent initiatives include a book, webinar, podcast, and high-level business startup workshops. Ziebell holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and has served as a management consultant for numerous Fortune 1000 companies.

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