Sun Salutation Yoga Combinations 12 Poses Surya Namaskar Routine Guide Released

Yoga has always been one of the more effective ways to improve an individual’s physical and mental state through exercise. The effects are immense in improving the individual’s body and ensuring they undergo incredible cognitive improvement. This guide has been prepared to introduce yoga enthusiasts to sun salutations, which are an excellent addition to any yoga routine.

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The guide launches with an introduction to the concept of what precisely the sun salutations entail. It explains that the practice, also known as the Surya Namaskar, is a combination of 12 yoga poses practiced in a system.

It goes further to state that this particular yoga routine happens in a continuous sequence. In reality, each of the poses links to the other and function as a continuation of the previous one. It adds that each line is interjected by an inhale or exhale. This serves as a signal for the commencement or end of a pose.

The guide delves into sun salutation’s actual practice and provides some fascinating insight in that these yoga poses have been practiced since ancient times. Additionally, it can be practiced at all hours of the day, but it is ideal for performing it in the morning’s early hours. This is because, as the name suggests, it is best practiced while facing the rising sun.

The timing is not based on random thought as the early hours of the morning are considered when the mind is most precise. It is also considered the time frame when the atmosphere is most peaceful.

Amy Delaney, author of the Sun Salutations report, has provided some perspective on why these particular yoga poses are essential to practice. She states that they offer the enthusiast a chance to show gratitude to the sun for sustaining the heart for so long.

Going further, the guide outlines the 12 poses in order of how they are meant to be practiced. They include the starting poses: mountain pose, backbend pose, standing forward bend pose, lunge pose, and downward-facing pose. It eventually ends with the same set of poses but only in reverse order.

The guide brings everything to a head by outlining the benefits of sun salutations. For instance, it mentions that it has enormous benefits for the respiratory and digestive systems. It also adds that it can reduce anxiety and maintains a calm atmosphere for the individual in question.

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