SaaS LIMS Software assists laboratories with their data and workflows

As a leading provider of SaaS LIMS software, Sapio Sciences spoke out about laboratories transforming into workflow processing centers, whether it is performing PCR, genomics, proteomics, protein engineering, medicinal chemistry, sequencing, or another experiment or test.

When a sample is received at the lab, the workflow begins and continues as one or more experiments are conducted on the sample. However, accessions don’t always end with the sample being frozen after accession.

That’s only the beginning of a much larger process that includes tracking bench protocols, tracking materials, bringing instruments together, analysing data, and delivering results. For a lab to implement its digital lab, its SaaS LIMS Software Solution must be easily configured to meet all these requirements while retaining flexibility and ease of use.

Today, most laboratories are still using spreadsheets or out-of-date software for tracking samples through these processes. There is typically no traceability, no searching capability, and no other key efficiency features like instrument automation. Consequently, lab efficiency decreases, and throughput is reduced, while proper data delivery and reporting are not provided.

In digital labs today, processes are seen as assets, and the lab should be capable of quickly configuring complex workflow arrangements, chaining them together, and then tracking the progress. It is crucial within the lab workflow to automate both the physical processing process and the laboratory management system integrating with robotics to send instructions and read results, whether they are sample quantitative or qualitative assessments.

The size of the data volume will continue to grow over time, which explains why scale is key in the future. SaaS lab information management systems should support huge amounts of data with many data points, and load them in a timely manner without causing the system to slow down.

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