Pima Solar, Premier Solar Company Offering Top-Notch Solar Energy Systems in Tucson, Arizona

Pima Solar, Company Offering Quality Solar Systems

Tucson AZ – Pima Solar is a locally owned and operated solar energy company helping Tucson homeowners get solar panels installed with $0 out-of-pocket expense. The company works with licensed solar experts to ensure clients get custom solar systems based on their needs and budget. Pima offers both commercial and residential services, with solar installation being their main area of specialization. Solar financing has been made accessible to enable as many homeowners as possible to acquire solar energy. Financing can be as low as 0.99% with no down payments. Monthly payments come to a fraction of the current electricity bill making it a cheap option.

Pima Solar is one of the leading solar panel companies and has a great team of experts ready to offer support to clients through the entire installation process. They recommend solar systems that enable their clients to cut electricity bills drastically. The utility company, therefore, becomes an alternative rather than the primary source of energy. Some of the systems are capable of producing more solar power than needed. A satisfied client had this to say about their services, “I’m glad I found Pima Solar. They explained the whole process to us before we had our solar panels installed. After the first meeting, the system was running within five weeks, and this has enabled me to drastically cut electricity costs. Solar power is one of the best decisions we have made. I highly recommend Pima Solar.”

Pima Solar Energy Benefits

Solar power saves energy costs as it greatly reduces monthly electricity bills. Besides the energy bills, solar panels significantly increase the value of property hence a higher resale value. Solar energy has been proven to add 4 to 6 percent to a home’s value in Arizona. Solar is a great option when it comes to attaining a net-zero carbon footprint. This means there are no carbon emissions from solar use. Solar energy depends on the sun, which removes the need to rely on other sources such as oil and coal, which produce harmful gases. Solar panels do not emit these harmful gases. There are also big incentives targeting homeowners who opt for solar power. A client can get up to a $1000 cash rebate for a new solar system and a $10,000 tax credit.

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Pima Solar is located at 7660 E Broadway Blvd # 304, Tucson, Arizona, 85710, USA. For more information on the available solar systems, contact their team by calling (520) 337-2466. Visit the company’s website for a video demo of how their solar system works and other information. One can also check how much they can save on tax credit and cash rebates on the website.

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