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Melbourne, Victoria – There is more to signage than meets the eye. For instance, it needs to be visible, installed at precise locations, and at the right height for it to be effective. Experience of many years in the field suggests that very few signage companies can do a better job than MPL Signage when it comes to the design and installation of signage in Melbourne, Victoria. While signage varies according to sizes and the materials used to create them, it is always wise to leave their installation to the experts.

MPL Signage is always up to the task, whatever size of signage is to be installed. They have handled signage the size of your palm to mammoth ones erected on pylons. The company has all the necessary equipment to ensure that all the signage they install is done correctly for longevity. This means eliminating any air bubbles or dust particles that may remain trapped behind the signage. They work closely with their clients to ensure that they design the best signage, and a signage designer from the company will be there with a client every step of the design process to ensure that they get the outcome and aesthetics they desire.

Thanks to the company’s services, many clients in Melbourne, Victoria are now compliant with the law, especially regarding inclusivity. One major way that MLP Signage does this is by designing and installing braille signage in the region. Aware that braille signage has certain building regulations and codes that they must meet, the company designers and installers have always ensured that their designs meet these codes. The company has several main types of braille signage; bamboo, basics range – charcoal and white, and the modern range – silver.

The company handles many different types of signage and keeps growing. Their latest additions are the high-quality signage relating to the covid 19 performance, which includes PPE related signs. Other types of signage include those used in potentially hazardous situations such as cautions and warnings, fire signage, personal protective equipment signage, and traffic warning labels. The company also does name badges, factory signs, decals, and custom small, medium and large business signage.

Clients who wish to access more information regarding the services offered by MLP Signage can do so by visiting the company’s website. For other queries, they can get in touch with a company representative at 1300 303 117. The company is located at Factory 5 / 2-6 Independence Street, Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria, 3189, AU.

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