Bentonville AR Stress/PTSD/Pain Hypnotherapy- Healing Hypnosis Sessions Launched

With its updated treatment, Brochu Hypnosis Center continues its mission of helping residents live healthy and productive lives through hypnosis. During the clinic’s hypnotherapy sessions, patients are trained to remove self-limiting behaviors from their subconscious.

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The newly expanded treatment features the latest methods in stress management hypnosis to make each session more effective. Now, clients discover their subconscious trauma and learn how to address their pain in a healthy manner.

Hypnosis is the practice of placing people in a trance-like state to uncover subconscious mental patterns. Often, the technique is used to treat various behavioral issues such as PTSD and stress. The goal of each hypnotherapy session is to change subconscious self-talk in order to shift conscious behavior. Each session is tailored to address a client’s individual circumstance since each situation is entirely unique.

Hypnosis is only done with the full consent of each patient. Hypnotherapy involves guiding patients towards healing by helping them understand subconscious patterns and beliefs. Therapists do not force patients to do anything they do not want to do during their sessions.

Brochu Hypnosis Center explains that hypnosis is an effective alternative treatment to pain management. Recent data show that regular hypnotherapy can reduce overwhelming levels of stress by a significant amount. Experts suggest that hypnotherapy may even have more therapeutic benefits than psychoanalysis.

This is attributed to the unique mechanisms found in hypnosis. Patients learn that their stress may be caused by an underlying self-belief that physically manifests itself as pain or other unhealthy behavior. Through consistent hypnosis, patients are able to remove that belief and replace it with a healthier one.

Brochu Hypnosis Center is led by John and Renee Brochu, who together bring decades of combined experience in helping patients overcome their substance addiction through targeted hypnosis. This pair of dedicated Hypnotists has worked with thousands of clients for a variety of issues, from smoking to anger management to drug abuse. Brochu Hypnosis Center offers a holistic alternative for clients who otherwise have been told they required heavy medication in some cases.

The clinic’s hypnotherapy is customized for each patient. Clients can choose to have their sessions through Skype or in person, though the former is recommended to comply with current health guidelines.

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