Autism treatment course for physicians, Autism Mastery Course starts August 24th

An updated edition of the Autism Mastery Course will begin August 24th. Autism Mastery Course was designed for healthcare professionals to learn how to treat those on the Autism-Spectrum.

Dr. Kurt Woeller, Medical Director and Creator of the Autism Mastery Course, has added new content to his popular, online autism treatment training website for physicians and healthcare professionals.

The CDC estimates that roughly 1 in 68 children is influenced with ASD global. The hard reality is that there are just not enough doctors or healthcare employees with the knowledge and experience to assist many kids identified about the Autism-Spectrum.

This comprehensive autism treatment training course from the Integrative Medicine Academy was created for doctors and healthcare professionals to learn how to treat children on the Autism-Spectrum, utilizing biomedical intervention. The 16 week program incorporates live webinars, Q&A sessions, personal discussion, downloadable forms for individual intake and therapy programs.

in addition to the current curriculum, Dr. Kurt Woeller had added information in mold toxins assessment and treatment in Autism, learning how certain mycotoxins such as Ochratoxin A and Mycophenolic can cause or exacerbate common autism related problems such as invasive candida and clostridia bacteria overgrowth, integrating the Organic Acids Test (OAT) and mold testing (mycotoxins), and case studies with various treatment options.

“I’m excited about the new content that has been added to the Autism Mastery Course” states Dr. Woeller. “I’ve worked on improving this program with added mold and other toxins treatment.”

Previous course attendees agr,”The course was great!! Each week, I’m adding something new to our clinic as a result of this. Our clinic originally worked with neuro opinions and behavioral health, but as beginning the program, we’ve implemented the integrative wellness model, with fantastic success,” explained Todd R, a healthcare professional in Chicago, IL.

“The Autism Mastery Course features clinically useful, functional, and time efficient substance for any health professional presently working with the special needs community.”

The 16 module course includes weekly live webinars and live Q & A sessions which will also be listed and accessible to people who can not attend the live events. Additionally, the course includes downloadable forms to assist doctors install patient charts and create treatment plans.

One of the key elements to the Autism Mastery Course is that its members have access to a private forum conducted by Dr. Woeller, in which they can ask questions about course materials, or questions they have when implementing what they have learned with their patients or clients.

For more information or to join the course go to

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