Arcadia CA Fixed/Variable Retirement Annuity Insurance Finance Plans Updated

With its new offerings, the agency continues its mission of safeguarding the finances of many working professionals today. The company provides immediate, deferred, fixed, variable, or long-term care annuity policies.

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The improved annuity plans support the growing number of people whose lives have been financially impacted by the pandemic. According to the latest market studies, more than half of the American population have had their retirement plans affected by the current health crisis.

Experts say that working professionals are now contemplating working for longer or rethinking retirement altogether. Nevertheless, analysts warn that “working until one can” is not a sustainable choice and recommend looking for an insurance package that offers consistent income once a person reaches retirement age.

The updated retirement annuity plans are tailored for each client. Lion’s Partners first consults with the clients to determine their needs and budget and then helps them choose the best annuity for their circumstances.

The most recommended option is the fixed annuity insurance which provides guaranteed payments throughout retirement. This offers the most peace of mind as clients are assured of a sum of money per month.

Still, they may also want to choose a variable annuity that invests the principal amount in various financial products, in which payments through retirement are based on the investment performance.

Lion’s Partners reminds clients that there is no one-size-fits-all annuity and that they should choose a plan that is aligned with their risk tolerance.

The agency operates on its core ethic of providing practical wealth management products for residents in the state. It believes that all families should have the opportunity to financially protect themselves, regardless of external events.

To comply with government guidelines to limit social interactions, clients are encouraged to schedule a call online.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, “We work with the leading carriers to make the process simple by educating clients about basic insurance principles so that they can make informed decisions about which products fit their needs.”

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